September 30, 2007

The wild world of knit blogging

Baby cardigan, originally uploaded by dejarlids.

Yes, I'm late to jump on this bandwagon. It funny, really. I like posting pictures, I love knitting, I have another blog... not sure what the holdup was!

In any case, I'm finally starting a knitting blog! A big catalyst for this was Ravelry. I've been waiting for my invite for a while now and as the waiting list ticks shorter every day I'm starting to get myself set up so I can make full use of the site as soon as I'm in. I can't wait!!!!!

So I thought I'd start with a photo of the project that I feel the best about. I love how this baby cardigan came out. From the buttons to the choice of colors to the lacework, this project rocked. It was a blast to knit and the design is just precious. Hoping for more projects like this in the future!