February 16, 2008


Almost all of my knitting is paused right now. I have an incredibly busy few weeks coming up and will not be allowing myself to procrastinate through knitting until I'm through it. I'll be back in March!

I say *almost* all of my knitting since there is a lecture that I go to every Monday and Wednesday that is important enough that I need to be there and pay at least some attention to (i.e. I can't read during the hour) but rudimentary enough that I start getting itchy if I'm not doing something else. So all signs point to knit. And knit I will! It's the one respite from the more general knitting ban currently in effect.

In other news I've been daydreaming about spinning and have toyed with the idea of getting a drop spindle and some fiber as a congratulatory gift to myself to play with in March.

February 11, 2008

Syvlia's dress

How cute is Sylvia in her little dress?? She's only the cutest baby girl on the PLANET!

February 5, 2008


smooshy, originally uploaded by vildishknits.

Yes, this is an old FO. But the old photos just didn't do this delicious yarn justice. I need alpaca on the needles again, stat.

February 3, 2008


Originally uploaded by vildishknits
This thing is growing! I keep waiting to hit the spot in the sweater where it seems like all progress stops, but I'm not there yet. I'm halfway through the tickstitch portion of the body. The last time I knit a norwegian sweater the tick section seemed to take a lifetime! Not sure what all is different this time (other than about 5 more years of knitting experience under my belt) but this has really been a more pleasurable experience overall.

I'm waiting for the braiding to arrive by mail so I can double check to colors and be sure I want to use it. Until then, I'm holding off on starting the sleeves since if I'm using the braids I'll use some at the cuffs. This has nothing to do with my generalized avoidance of sleeve knitting. Nothing!

I've made some more alterations to the chart for the upper body and will probably keep altering it until I'm actually knitting the stitches. That's all part of the fun!