September 16, 2009

Silken Forest

And she's done!

Silken Forest

I was aiming for a deep, deep, deep green with the subtle movement between a black green and a slightly warmer than forest green.

Silken Forest

Silken Forest

I'm delirious over these colors.
Silken Forest

So there she is. 410 yards of light fingering silk cashmere blend in a color I'd like to swim in for the rest of my life.
Pattern suggestions?


Shana said...

Lovely!! I see you're looking at Herbivore. Some of my recent favs:
Cocoon Shawl, Alhambra, Sarcelle, Lacy Baktus, Damson, and Triad. Triad is especially gorgeous, but looks a little attention-demanding!

LotsofYarn said...

Swallowtail or Aeolian are my suggestions