November 27, 2009

The Ultimate WIP

It has been mighty quiet around here, hasn't it? Well, believe it or not I do have an explanation. I haven't been making much progress on my knitting WIPs, but there has been major growth with one very important project:
November 076

That's right - we're expecting a baby!! EDD 5/27/10
We're super, super thrilled and excited and nervous and everything else that goes along with this, but mostly excited and full of hope and wonder.

What I have not been full of, however, is food and knitting. I've been touch-and-go for the past few months and knitting acts as a nausea trigger. Terrible! So my knitting has been almost entirely packed away until the day when I wake up with itchy fingers and a settled tummy. Hopefully it won't be long.

Sorry for the long silence, but hopefully I'll make up for it in the future with lots of tiny adorable baby knits! And thanks for your patience in the meantime!


Shannon said...
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Shannon said...

I KNEW it!!! I don't know why, I just had a feeling! Congratulations to you and your husband! Very exciting times. Get as much rest as you can now! I cannot wait to see the baby and all of the cute little knits you make for him/her.

(Deleted the first comment because I re-read your post) Nausea during my first pregnancy was the reason I gave up crochet. I had it 24-hours/day. About 12 weeks it let up and I was better. Hope you will be past the nausea quickly!